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Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital

"Middle East’s largest and iconically designed hospital with innovative engineering solutions and state-of-the-art medical facilities."

The award of Excellence recognizes a deserving project that has been substantially completed in the preceding year. It considers:

  •   Outstanding work in concrete construction and practices; Innovative architectural
        and structural design
  •   Response to cultural considerations and traditions
  •   Architectural landmarks and iconic structures
  •   High standards of construction
  •   Renewal and renovation projects
  •   Creative use of concrete and
  •   Public appreciation of a project

The award itself is presented to the developer of the project, and it also acknowledges the contribution of design and supervision consultants, general contractor, and the main concrete supplier.

The Award of Excellence for the Year 2017 was presented to Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital, which was recognized as the “Middle East’s Largest and Iconically designed hospital with innovative engineering solutions and state-of-the-art medical facilities”.

Design Conception

The conception of the hospital, which contains a total of 1168 beds, began in early 2015, essentially to comply with Ministry of Health’s long term healthcare strategy for providing the highest quality of care.

This was to be an ambitious investment to transform, promote, enable, manage and deliver further advancements in healthcare services. The hospital had to combine advanced care with upscale amenities within an architecturally significant environment and with future-focused technology.

It was to have a Kuwait’s first full-facility Trauma Center. The design inspiration and the hospital’s formal composition reflects the Arabian Gulf context. Designed with bright daylight interiors and external views, delicate screening limits direct light from the harsh sun. Details and profiles are akin to the desert environment, and architectural highlights integrate conventional Islamic patterning, traditional Kuwaiti influences and natural rock formations.

Major Components

Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital embodies one of the largest single unified medical trauma centers in the Middle East, with 150 beds and a full array of emergency diagnostic and treatment facilities.

In addition to delivering advanced medical services, the hospital will also be used as a learning resource and for supporting outreach initiatives.

The hospital’s large 224,000 m˛ site located in South Surra accommodates a number of major components.

  •   Five 15 storey bed-towers
  •   Amiri and VVIP in-patient facilities
  •   Diagnostic and treatment
  •   Trauma center
  •   Dental centre
  •   Out-patient clinics
  •   Staff residence
  •   Central plant
  •   Structural parking for over 4700 cars

Architectural Features

The overall design of the building’s facade is driven by layering of space and materials.

  •   Layer 1 : Glass “pods” elegantly invite visitors to enter the main building.
  •   Layer 2 : A GRFC panel layer protects the facades from dust storms through patterns.
  •   Level 3 : Stone (granite) encapsulates the structures, evoking continuity and framing the
        glass entry pods.

A 30 meter crescent-shape central atrium, forming a grand medical mall, rises from the site, gathering and connecting the patient towers and treatment facilities with access to prayer rooms, theater cafes and lounge areas. The Medical Mall is about 950 m long.

Engineering Systems

Key MEP systems in the complex are all designed to most stringent standards. Some of the more significant features include:

  •   Power demand of 70 mW/88mVA.
  •   100% emergency supply through 40 stand-by generators.
  •   4800 TR of air-conditioning.
  •   An integrated Building Management System.

In structural terms the building complex comprises :

  •   A sub-grade central plant
  •   3 basements for parking
  •   3 helipads
  •   Flat slab with drop panels for the hospital
  •   Precast pre-stressed double tees for the parking areas

The iconic Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital project will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for better future care, and will promote health and wellness for current and future generations for the state of Kuwait.

Key Components

  •   1168 Bed Hospital
  •   160 Bed Trauma Center
  •   36 major/minor Operating Rooms
  •   4 Cardiac Cath Labs
  •   4 MRI Labs
  •   4 CT Labs
  •   300 Seat Auditorium
  •   Medical Mall - 900 m long
  •   Medical Library
  •   Lab and Research Department
  •   Trauma Center 10 floors
  •   Diagnostic / Treatment 7 floors
  •   Bed Towers 15 floors

The Award was presented to:
  • Developer
  • Ministry of Public Works.
Certificates and plaques were presented to:
  • General Contractor
  • Arab Contractors Company.
    Kuwait Arab Contractors.

  • Design and Supervision Consultant
  • Langdon Wilson International, USA.
    Gulf Consult, Kuwait.

  • Main Concrete Supplier
  • National Industries Company.

ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Excellence
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Recognition Award

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